"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

"May I never get too busy in my own affairs that I fail to respond to the needs of others with kindness and compassion."
Thomas Jefferson

Most avoid death and those who will soon meet it.
Most are afraid to reach out and make a friend they know they will lose.
Most cringe at the thought of spending time with a stranger, but not you,

A hospice volunteer.

I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.
Lily Tomlin

​A student asked anthropologist Margaret Mead for the earliest sign of civilization in a given culture. He expected the answer to be a clay pot or perhaps a fishhook or grinding stone. Her answer was “A healed femur.” Mead explained that no mended bones are found where the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, reigns. A healed femur shows that someone cared. Someone had to do that injured person’s hunting and gathering until the leg healed. The evidence of compassion is the first sign of civilization.

"If you ever need a helping hand, it is at the end of your arm.  As you get older, you must remember you have a second hand.

The first one is to help yourself.

The second hand is to help others."

Audrey Hepburn