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Our mission is to enrich lives by actively participating in the community through volunteer service.
VOLUNTEER CONNECTION, INC is a 501 (c) non profit charitable organization that helps other nonprofit organizations in Walworth County find volunteers to help meet critical community needs. Over 600 volunteers provide essential services to 50,000 residents at no charge.

VOLUNTEER CONNECTION'S structure consists of one volunteer director and 8 board members.  Board meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 4 pm, in Room 105 at the Walworth County Government Center, located at 100 W. Walworth Street in Elkhorn WI.  Our director and board members are also volunteers.
Local charitable nonprofit and governmental organizations let us know what they need, and we mobilize volunteers from our pool of over 350 active people like you who have expressed an interest in sharing your time, talents and experience to your Walworth County Community.
​Time, talent and experience are the most important things we all have that we can share with our neighbors.
Volunteers help to improve the quality of life in our communities, and in turn we provide volunteers with:

  • Accident, liability, and excess automobile insurance while you volunteer and while traveling to and from your volunteer station.

  • Individual preference assignment referral

  • Changes in your volunteer activities whenever you choose

  • Quarterly newsletters

  • An annual recognition event

  • Social interaction and a chance to meet new people

  • An opportunity to learn new skills.

  • An opportunity to improve the quality of life for others in your community, thereby improving your own.​

​“Fund raising must proceed from the inside out. A volunteer gives time, a donor gives money, but a board member has the responsibility to give both.”
David Lansdowne

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